As parents of children between the ages of 9 and 19, we want to do what’s best for them. We want them to feel confident, happy, resilient and have good life skills. We want them to be responsible and respectful. We want them to grow into young adults others want to be around, but it can feel really difficult to know how exactly to get there. Every child is different. Every parent is different. And the way the family comes together with their strengths and challenges is different. In the midst of the journey, it can be hard to find our way- to know what needs boundaries and how to implement them in a way that keeps your relationship in one peace.

Recently parents started asking me for some support for their kids, ages 9 to 19. It’s a tremendous age spread and I thought about dividing the groups into different age sub-sets. But I realized that there is a lot of value in understanding the whole journey in context. What happens at 9 matters and makes a difference with what’s happening at 13 and 16. Understanding the developmental changes, what’s normal and what’s out of the norm, what is typical for securely attached pre-teens and teens and what it looks like when there isn’t a secure attachment and what you can do about it.

In February, I’m going to be offering support classes for parents to talk about how we can create, nurture and repair our relationship with our kids. It’s basically a continuation of parenting with attachment in mind for pre-teens and teens. We’ll be talking about the stories of our families and how we got to where we are now, along with every day application of the ideas to your family. There will be instructional time in each class where you’ll learn the core concepts, followed by time to discuss the ideas and practical application. You’ll have time to talk to other parents both during the course and between sessions in our private forums.

The best part is a “pay what you can” format. You can choose the amount from the options below that you can afford to pay for the course. I want to make the course affordable for those who need the support. Since class sizes are limited, please do pay as much as you can so that I can continue to offer the options. Please invite friends you know who are interested in supporting their pre-teens and teens. Classes like this are way more fun with friends!

Current Classes: (Times are Eastern)


Mondays at 11 am: February 13, 20, 27 & March 6

Saturdays at 11 am: February 11, 18, 25 & March 4

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Each support class will have time to learn some core concepts about the topic of the day from current neuroscience, and then time to discuss how the information applies to YOUR family, to ask questions and get support. Classes are limited to 8 families (both parents welcome to attend together) for individual support in the class. Classes are 90 minutes and will be recorded. There will also be an off-Facebook private forum area to have conversations and ask questions between classes.

Week 1
  • Introducing our families and our challenges (brief intros)
  • Course overview and how this works
  • Tween and Teen Brains 101 and why it matters to you and to them!
  • Identifying the story of your relationship and how that’s showing up in conflicts and challenges now
  • Your questions and stories
Week 2
  • Regulate their physiology- sleeping, eating, regular movement and play
  • Big feelings and what to do about them– anger, anxiety, staying connected, regulating and setting boundaries
  • Addressing your own inner tween/ teen’s story. What belongs to you? What belongs to them?
Week 3
  • Going deeper into the quagmire- Executive Functioning, poor decisions, anxiety, impulsivity and difficulty focusing, anger
  • The perfect storm of technology and brain reorganization
  • Yes, we’ll talk about chores and other responsibilities, too, this week.
  • Your questions and stories
Week 4
  • Connection with themselves, connection with you, and connection with peers- the trifecta of tweens and teens- finding the balance
  • Everyday nurturing
  • Helping everyone to handle the big and small disconnections with love and respect
  • Developing resilience
Do You Have Any Questions?
If yours is not below, please e-mail
How much is this going to cost?

COST was the number one concern that was brought up on the surveys. Instead of a one-size-fits-all price, I’m going to do a “pay what you can.” My goal is to support families. Yes, I need to eat, too, so please choose the most you can afford. I’m literally supporting my family with this money.

Is there a charge for my partner to join the class, too?

No. It’s so important that partners have as many opportunities as possible to be on the same page. That’s super important to me. So partners are welcome to listen in and ask questions on the call.

I have a group of friends and we’d like to schedule our own class. Can we do that?

YES! I love working with groups when everyone is in one location so you can really support each other. Just email me and we’ll set something up!

Will there be research shared? I like the idea of sharing with other parents, but I want to make sure I actually learn something from the course!

Yes, I will be sharing research in each class. There will be a good balance of information shared and discussion.

How large are classes?

Class sizes are limited to 8 families.

When do I need to sign up?

Please sign up and reserve your spot as soon as possible. I’m limiting each class to 8 families so that everyone will have a chance to ask questions and get individualized support.

Can I invite a friend?

Yes, please do! Just do it sooner rather than later as spots are limited. It’s way more fun to take these courses with friends.

Will we be able to interact with the other parents taking the class?

Yes. You’ll have both an opportunity to hear from other parents and share with other parents both on the call and in a private forum (off of FaceBook). I think that’s one of the most important parts of classes like these- to meet other people who are on a similar journey!

Would there be assignments/agenda/class notes/minutes provided after?

There may be some suggested homework to apply the information between classes, but it is optional. You will receive class notes and handouts on each topic for your own review. I understand that you’re not always able to take notes or give your full attention to the class, which is also why the classes are recorded so you can review them again on your own time.

Will the class be relevant to my personal situation? Will I get answers to MY questions about my family?

Yes! This is why I’m keeping class sizes small. It’s so important that you leave with answers to the questions you came with, whether that happens during the class, on the forums, or in a quick one-on-one conversation.

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